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We’re a small, energetic team of travel industry pros with many decades travel marketing experience between us. We’ve worked in-house with travel suppliers, at marketing agencies big and small and as journalists and editors in the mainstream travel media.

Like many content marketing studios out there, we know how to tell a good story.

Like fewer of our rivals we know how to turn good stories into bookings and revenue with clockwork predictability.

Like virtually no one else we also know your destinations, your target audiences, your booking seasons and your travel offerings like the backs of our hands.

We are I&I Travel Media and we create content campaigns that are unrivalled in the travel marketing space.

Who we are

Matthew Barker

Matthew Barker

Head of Strategy


With a background in PR, Matt has been doing “content strategy” long before it became fashionable, learning to write, communicate and connect first; content strategy (a fancy term for the same skills?) came later. He has spent a decade in travel marketing, living and working in four continents first in-house for an OTA, later as the co-founder of I&I Travel Media and the travel writing community He is a regular conference speaker and is an ATTA EDU educator on content strategy.

Cynthia Ord

Cynthia Ord

Chief Content Officer


After studying tourism economics, Cynthia has gained firsthand experience at about every link of the travel value chain — from ground-level suppliers and boutique outbound operators to travel tech and marketing. She’s passionate about alternatives to mass tourism, and helping independent travellers find their way to specialty providers in an increasingly loud and chaotic marketplace.

Simon Ross Gill

Simon Ross Gill

Graphic Design & Creative

Simon is another travel industry pro with many years in-house experience for tour operators and agencies. His is a singularly creative mind to which good design comes as second nature. Simon leads on all our creative projects producing our stunning ebooks, ads that grab attention and landing pages that convert leads and sales.

Jeremy Head

Jeremy Head

Strategic Advisor


Jeremy has many years' experience in travel publishing both in print and online. He is a well-regarded authority on digital media and marketing and is frequently invited to speak at travel industry events. He helps the I&I leadership team develop and expand our product portfolio and continue to push the boundaries of innovation in travel content strategy.

Ethan Gelber

Ethan Gelber

Strategic Advisor


With over 20 years' experience in communications strategy, travel journalism and destination marketing, Ethan brings a wealth of expertise to the I&I team and guides our product development. An advocate for quality, authenticity and responsibility in travel media, he helps us live our mission for unparalleled standards of content and strategic innovation.

Alyson Mahan

Alyson Mahan



Coming from the Government Accountability Office in DC, Aly’s analytical and technical skills make up the left brain of I&I’s founding team. To her falls the unenviable responsibility of testing her colleagues’ hairbrained ideas and turning them into effective solutions. She builds the tech and data foundations upon which all our work depends, giving us the analytics and insights to show exactly how we’re turning your audiences into your customers.

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