Measuring your content: Converting audiences into bookings [ATWS slide deck & resources]

Re-cap the details of our ATWS session on content strategy with the following deck. Links to further reading and additional resources are also provided below.

Links & further reading

Slide #7: Google’s customer journey tool / Mapping the travel marketing funnel

Slide #10: See the ebook in action

Slide #11: The biggest mistake in content marketing (and its very simple solution)

Slide #13: Influencer marketing: has the bubble burst?

Slide #16: Ignore the hyperbole: SEO is alive and kicking

Slide #17: Using retargeting to unlock content marketing ROI

Slide #18: CRO: The anatomy of an ideal tour landing page

Slide #20: Curating for travel consumers / How to curate an email newsletter that people will read

Slide #22: Content planning template




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