Case study: Reeling in new bookings with stunning content

How an adventure fishing company used beautiful content and smart strategy to achieve a 100% increase in reservation enquiries.

wildn-tabletWILDERNESS NORTH operates one of the largest networks of fly-in fishing lodges in Canada, selling epic trips to a very loyal customer base – many of whom repeat book every single year.

But the company wanted to broaden its reach to new customers, reaching other audience groups such as families, and keen anglers who hadn’t considered booking a fishing trip to such a remote location, and weren’t familiar with the destination or the experience.

We knew this huge audience was out there, we just had to find the best way to reach them and fire up their imaginations.

But the new fishing season was just around the corner, we had to move fast.


  • We had to create a piece of content that would resonate with existing, hyper-loyal customers as well as bring in new audiences – people who were keen anglers but hadn’t thought about wilderness or fly-in fishing before.
  • With just months to spare before the new season we had to get the entire project up and running as quickly as possible.

Understanding the market

No-one knows the target audience better than the Wilderness North team – they have been serving the community of keen anglers for many years.

The site was packed with practical, nuts & bolts information on what a fly-in wilderness fishing trip involves. We had to edit that down into a handbook that would carry value for the existing customers in addition to reaching new audiences.

Within weeks our team of editors and designers produced a stunning guide – in both screen and print friendly versions:

travel content marketing example page

Connecting with the right people

We published the guide on a dedicated landing page on the Wilderness North site and began directing highly targeted visitors with Facebook and Google Display ad campaigns.

This gave us everything we needed to start reeling in (groan!) some new audiences.

We started with Facebook ads to send top quality, highly-targeted visitors.

Although the Facebook cost-per-click is usually quite high, the targeting and quality is unparalleled, which gave us some incredible conversion rates.

We then used lookalike audiences with Google Gmail and Display ads to target a broader audience of similar people.

This is a super smart way of taking the advanced (but expensive) targeting of Facebook and combining it with the much cheaper but higher volume of Google Display ads.

All of these people were sent to our landing page, where we saw an incredible 36% conversion rate – almost unheard of in our industry!

All downloads were added to email lists and new remarketing audiences.

Finally, we created search and display remarketing campaigns to recapture visitors at the moment of booking, generating new leads:

travel content marketing customer journey


  • By creating content and ad campaigns that were laser targeted to a very specific audience we achieved an incredible 36% conversion rate on the download landing page.
  • Within weeks we had achieved 1,000+ downloads (and counting).
  • By the end of the first month we’d achieved a 100% increase in reservation enquiries.


There’s a common assumption that “content marketing” is a long-term process that takes months or years before you start to see any results.

As we saw with this project, with the right combination of focused content and laser targeted distribution channels, it’s very easy to hit the ground running and see immediate results.

Have a think about your business – are there new opportunities we can explore together?

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