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Case study: Around the world in 80 clicks

How a specialist flights company strengthened ownership of their niche and massively boosted their PPC and email audiences.

rtwf-tablet-coverROUNDTHEWORLDFLIGHTS.COM is a flights and travel agency specialising in round-the-world itineraries and deals.

They’re an established company with strong performance in organic search (SEO), PPC and email. They wanted to build on their strengths by reaching new audiences of travellers who might not have previously considered taking a round-the-world trip.

They already had a dedicated PPC agency, plus some great content on their blog. We needed to find a way of connecting the dots and bringing new value to their digital activities.

Growing email and PPC remarketing audiences was the #1 priority.


  • The target audience is relatively hard to reach and already exposed to lots of “content marketing” style messages. We needed to find new ways to reach and engage these people.
  • At the same time we needed to broaden the appeal of round-the-world travel away from backpackers and younger travellers and into the new territory of career-breakers, baby boomers and retirees – showing these people that round-the-world trips aren’t all about gap year students and backpacker bars.
  • We had to achieve all this with new minimal content investment and in a way that would dovetail with the work of’s existing PPC agency.

Connecting with the audience

We created a content plan for a guide to round-the-world travel that would provide all the practical, nuts & bolts information that a traveller would find useful early in the purchase decision.

We reviewed the large archive of blog posts and articles on the site, identifying all the existing material that would support our content plan.

We converted this content into an ultra high value travel guide that travellers can download, save to their mobile devices and share with their friends – a perfect companion to the decision making process that goes into researching and booking this sort of trip:

travel content marketing example


Reaching the right people

We used a combination of Display, Gmail and Facebook ads to amplify our new content asset to highly targeted audiences, bringing them to a new landing page on the site.

We also harnessed longtail SEO traffic to the site’s blog with tactical use of pop-ups that help bring casual “browsing” visitors towards the guide download page.

Each visitor that downloaded the guide was saved onto the email lists and into new remarketing lists that were passed over to the company’s PPC agency to remarket and convert into leads and sales.

Remarketing to warm, pre-qualified audiences is a great way to increase conversion rates and lower the cost-per-acquisition:

case study content marketing travel customer journey


Within weeks of publication we had:

  • Generated 20,000+ visits to the ebook landing page.
  • Converted 2,000 visitors into downloadsa conversion rate of 10%.
  • Added tens of thousands of prospects to remarketing lists for follow-up PPC campaigns.


Travel companies are often sitting on pre-existing content archives that can easily be repurposed into a new asset for powerful but cost-effective content marketing.

When 3rd party agencies are already involved we’re always happy to work together and bring new value to the table, helping improve results across the board.

Have a think about your company – do you have content or expertise we can repurpose into new assets?

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