Mobile travel market continues to grow, big variations by segment and devices

New research on the size and value of mobile travel bookings has thrown up some interesting insights, as reported today by Tnooz.

The research, conducted by advertising company Criteo, shows that both the share and value of mobile travel bookings have grow, with certain segments such as air travel and car rental growing at a significantly higher pace than others, such as accommodation and hotels.

Mobile travel bookings grew 20% in the first half of 2014, compared to just 2% for desktop bookings, with mobile devices now accounting for over 20% of hotel bookings.

mobile booking value vs desktop in travel industry

Average booking value by device and category, USD, H1 2014, worldwide

The research also illustrated stark variations in the average booking value by device, across different segments. For example the value of packages booked from desktops are still overwhelmingly larger than with mobile devices, although those booked from iPads were notably more valuable than those booked via Android platforms.

Unfortunately the research didn’t address the issue of mobile assisted bookings, i.e. the numbers of consumers that researched their purchase from a mobile device before making a booking from their desktop computer.

If assisted conversions were factored into the equation it’s likely that the value of mobile traffic would be even higher, particularly among segments that typically entail a large amount of pre-booking research and browsing, such as packages, cruises, apartments and hotels.

In those instances having a mobile-friendly site and presenting plenty of opportunities for mobile browsers to engage and follow up with your site can be critically important in securing the final booking.

See our whitepaper “The Mobile Revolution” for more insights on the mobile travel market.

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